Overtones (for dystopiarcadia)

And here comes the last fic!

For: dystopiarcadia
Title: Overtones
Pairing: Yagyuu/Niou
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is (was?) all Konomi's.
Summary: There is no such thing as a rockstar with a clean image.
Notes: L, you are amazing for sitting with me while I sobbed and procrastinated and tried to off myself and read bad romance and skipped all my classes to make this make slightly more sense than no sense. dystopiarcadia, I can only hope you enjoy the, er, the ride. Happy badfic reading!

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But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? (for shiroibara)

(Author, you seem to have used double line breaks for your paragraphs. I've left them as they are. If you want me to change them, please email me.)

For: shiroibara
Title: But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
Pairing/characters: Troika-ish
Rating: R for violence, I'd say
Warning (if any): AU. Abuse of the word "and". Angst, blood, death, flashbacks, shameless theft of Death in June song title
Summary: Once upon a time, they thought they could make it work. Now they're at the brink of war, and only one person stands in the way of mutually assured destruction: this is the tale of the Prince, the Emperor, and the Sorcerer
Notes (if any): I really hope you enjoy this! I tried to fulfill as many of the requirements as I could, but in the end I think this story just ran away from me, and.. yeah, I'm semi-terrified you'll hate me for it, but give it a chance, please! ^^

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The Door (for pixxers)

For: pixxers
Title: The Door
Pairing/characters: Yagyuu/Niou – minor Sana/Yuki
Rating: PGish
Warning (if any): weird
Summary: Yagyuu has a bad day, or thinks he does, and figures if he starts it out in a better way, it might not end up so bad.
Notes (if any): I tried about 5 previous incarnations with alternate characters, finally settled on this story. Not entirely happy with it, but I tried to encompass 3 of the balls it up prompts, and one scenario. Hope it's okay.

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Other People's Games (for Sharpie)

For: mikage
Title: Other People's Games
Pairing/characters: All Rikkai. Also guest-starring Hanamura, Sakaki, Kite and Yamato. Sanada/Yanagi(/Yukimura), Yagyuu/Niou.
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence. Character death, character death and some more character death. Insanity, etc. Rating is not for sex. At all.
Summary: Battle Royale AU. "We're on an island, and we've cleared it of people so you can play a little game. Won't that be fun?"
Notes: mikage, one of the things you mentioned was tennis boys with deadly weapons and another was character death. The combination was too much to resist. Hope this does the trick! Also, a million thanks to the people who gave me help, advice and reassurance (they know who they are).

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Seigaku General (for Arithion)

I made some mistakes with the formatting in the fic I posted last night. Some line and section breaks were missing, which made it confusing to read. It should hopefully be all correct now... if you were reading and got confused at some point, it's my fault and it should make a lot more sense now!

For: arithion
Title: Seigaku General
Pairing/characters: Tezuka/Fuji, Sanada/Yukimura, implied Oshitari/Atobe
Rating: PG, maybe
Warning (if any): Crack. Pure AU cheese on crack(ers). Melodrama at its finest. It's entirely possible that there are (lots of) badfic!OOC moments.
Summary: Sports manga is a soap opera for boys. This time, it's just a soap opera.
Notes (if any): Bad!fic is bad. But fun. I know this /may/ not quite be what you had in mind, but please enjoy it! ♥

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Love is a Many-Tentacled Thing (for reddwarfer)

For: reddwarfer
Title: Love is a Many-Tentacled Thing
Pairing/characters: Sanada/Yukimura with others
Rating: NC-17
Warning (if any): Bad fic ahoy! This fic contains spoilers for 40.5, crude humour,bodily functions and crabs.
Summary: Sanada experiences a sea change in order to begin arelationship with Yukimura. Can he balance his secrets, the Rikkai Dai tennisclub, and still achieve his goal?
Notes (if any): Thank you Person 1 for all the help and Person 2 for the beta. Reddwarfer, I wrote this one night on a sugar rush.Please be EXCITED! and have your umbrella ready. I included many of theelements you requested, and many that you didn't. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!

For Leila: Love is a Many-Tentacled Thing

Learning to Fall for the Teacher's Pet (for evaporate)

For: evaporate
Title: Learning to Fall for the Teacher's Pet or: all of God's lambs chase the dragon's tail sometimes.
Pairing/characters: Kite/Rin primarily. Varied cast of characters.
Rating: R for language and adult situations.
Warning (if any): Abuse and mishandling of Japanese suffixes, pronouns and terms of endearment. Liberal and blatant 'sampling' of movie quotes. Startling abundance of Americanisms. Total disregard of Japanese law, justice system, housing and neighborhood situation and educational system. Exaggeration and bastardization of fanon characterizations. Repeated, ridiculous and pointless description, misrepresentation of Christianity, organized crime and individuals with mental and developmental handicaps. Lolita-complexes of the homosexual variety, pseudo-Kpop-songfic, pimpshoes, improper use of firearms, gangland dramatics and clichéd, unbelievably happy endings.
Summary: Kite goes undercover to protect the Christian son of the prosecution's star witness. He is, however, completely ill-prepared for the boy who works so hard to secure his attention and – ultimately – his affection.
Notes (if any): evaporate, I do so hope that you enjoy this story. I knew absolutely nothing about the crossover requests you listed, so I did the best I could with my limited knowledge and propensity for very, very bad soap opera. There's no cancer, but there is yet another genetic disorder, which is almost as good. Try as I might, I could not seem to work in a mention of orbs of any kind and, for that, I apologize profusely. To my ever-helpful, thoughtful, insightful beta: thank you for being willing to act as the right side of my brain. I always appreciate you.

For Charlotte: Learning to Fall for the Teacher's Pet

In Shadows (for giving_ground)

For: giving_ground
Title: In Shadows
Pairing/characters: Yagyuu/Niou, Sanada/Yukimura
Rating: NC-16
Warning (if any): AU, bloodplay, vampires, character death
Summary: Niou never could imagine to what fucking up his job would lead.
Notes (if any): Undying love to my betas, L and R. Thanks, yuki_scorpio, for being patient and wonderful. Liz, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. D1 forever, and ever, right?

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